Thursday, June 16, 2016

memory boxes...

Part of getting my house summer ready involves going through all the school stuff and either trashing it or saving it.  For years I had no way to really store my kids stuff. A few years ago I saw some clear hanging file folder boxes on sale at Costco and I knew I had found my answer!

Each one of my kids has their own box with their name on it.  Inside are hanging folders for each grade. Early Years, Preschool - 12th Grade.  All papers and projects from the year go into the folder.  School pictures, report cards, my favorite artwork or homework.  There is also enough room that I also can keep things like their baby book, and other items too.

I scan all these items for scrapbooking purposes and then store them in their boxes.  I try to do this each month.  It is amazing how things don't pile up anymore when you have a place to put it!

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