Thursday, June 16, 2016

a heart a day...

Every once in a while I come across an idea and think "hey now THAT is something I can do!" I have also learned that my kids have amazing memories when it comes to traditions.  So if I start something...I better plan on doing it for the rest of time...  This idea is so easy and fun!  It is fun to see how excited they are each morning to read their new heart!

Starting February 1-Valentines Day they wake up to a new heart added to their ribbon. My husband and I divide up the kids each night and try to make sure we are switching off. It's been fun to end each day thinking about something I love about each one of my children.

I bought some chevron ribbon at Hobby Lobby and it was enough for me to make them for all 5 of my kids. No sewing involved...I literally cut 5 strips of the ribbon about 2ish feet long each.  At the top I cut circles out of white yardstick and hand printed their names.  I also stuck a bit of pink and red tulle behind the circle and then just stapled it to the ribbon. I picked up a few small command hooks from the store and used these to hang the ribbons on the outside of each of the kids bedroom doors.  Next I cut a bunch of hearts out of pink, red, and white cardstock.  I have a Fiskars cutter that has a heart stencil so I used that to mass produce enough hearts for the whole time. 14x5 (or however many kids you have).

I make a new ribbon each year so we fill out our hearts and staple them to the ribbon each night.  So fun and meaningful!

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