Sunday, June 12, 2016

chore charts...

I made these chore charts 3 years ago and they work great! You know it's a keeper idea when I use it multiple years in a row! 

Each year I usually do a bit of tweaking because they are all 1 year older.  I have a summer time version and a school time version.  This is a picture of our summer charts. Each kid gets their very own half sized clipboard with enough charts to last the summer.  1 paper lasts 1 week. Taped to the back of the clipboard is the cleaning chart of what I expect when they clean their bathroom and bedroom. And yes...for the "help Mom" chore I make them come up to me and say: "How can I help you today mom?" 

I have found that having a chart is extremely helpful for my kids.  Even my older kids sometimes need a reminder of what is expected each day.  In our house you don't get paid for chores.  You do your chores as part of our family to help our home stay nice and clean.  Also, no one can go play with friends (or hang out if your older than 11 yrs old lol) until after 10am and not until your chores are done.  If they dink around all morning and then their friend shows up at the door ready to play....sorry kiddo...not until your chores are done!

With 5 kids all trying to get chores done and me also trying to get my stuff done is another reason I love the charts.  I need the charts!  There is no way I can remember all of their stuff! If they say their chores are done I usually respond with: "okay, bring me your clipboard."  I run down their list of chores and ask if each thing has been done.  Lots of times there are a few things "forgotten" that need to be completed.

I have also found that most kids need structure and routines.  Summertime is the hardest because they go from the structure of school to nothing unless you provide it for them.  These chores take most my kids about an hour to complete.  That is just a drop in the bucket of a beautiful summer day!

Organization makes me happy!

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