Friday, November 5, 2010

st. patricks day...

Poor St. Patrick's Day is in the same boat with Thanksgiving...completely looked over! The stores change from Halloween to Christmas and Valentines to Easter with out so much as a thought about the holidays in between. Well...maybe they might have an end cap or something, but seriously!!

When I was little I remember forgetting to wear green and painting a green shamrock on my cheek with a marker, or telling everyone that I had on green underwear or something...heaven forbid I should be pinched by a cute boy! ; ) Now that I have kids of my own holidays are SO much fun! Especially now that I have a few in school...their teachers usually make St. Patrick's Day a big deal! I LOVE it! In kindergarten they usually find tiny green foot prints around the classroom as the mysterious leprechaun gets into trouble each night while the kids are gone. My boys have both been so excited each day to tell me what the leprechaun did! They build traps to try and catch him and they talk joyously about what his treasure is like!

So I thought I would share a few of the fun things I like to do with my kids to celebrate this fabulous holiday!

We usually dress up in green. I usually find $5 shirts at Walmart that fit the bill! We have fun taking pictures!

One year my sister sent us the cutest story about a leprechaun and his treasure. The story said that if you put a treasure box out the night before St. Patrick's Day the leprechauns will leave you a little treasure. Only the leprechaun doesn't like to leave it where you put must follow the trail of leprechaun dust to the spot that he hid the box! She sent us an unfinished craft treasure box with some green paint and stickers. The kids had so much fun painting and decorating their box! She also included some stuff for me the "leprechaun" to complete the mischief. She had paper shamrock confetti and a bag of hershey's treasures! I hid the box in a great spot and then created a trail out of the confetti. It was so fun that we have done it every year since!

We also have a green breakfast...for dinner! I make green french toast and orange juice! The kids LOVE eating something completely green!

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