Saturday, November 6, 2010

bedtime routine...

Here is our family bedtime routine:

  • "Wind Down" time. This involves getting into their jammies, brushing their teeth and then lying down watching a movie, or a kid show. This isn't a time to run around or be is a time to let your body slow down!
  • if they haven't brushed their teeth we do it after wind down time.
  • We read scriptures as a family. At this point it is only a few verses each night.
  • We say a family prayer
  • Then hugs and kisses and into bed.
  • Our kids sleep in 2 different rooms so the Mr. and I take turns putting either the boys to bed or our daughter. Each of us has something we do with the kids once they are in bed. Sometimes we read books or sing songs.
  • Next it is lights out, door closed, and time for bed.

Now just because we go through our routine doesn't mean that we have kids that all stay in their beds and go right to sleep...we do battle some nights! But I would rather fight the bed time battle earlier than later in the evening!

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