Friday, November 5, 2010

things to do before baby comes...

  • Wash all baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc…Many recommend using Dreft for the first few months. It is fragrance free and is supposed to help in case of skin allergies. I think I did this for a few weeks with my first I think it is necessary?...not for me. My kids never had skin sensitive issues.
  • Have the nursery set up so that it is ready for baby. Have diapers ready and accessible. When you are still getting used to changing a diaper it is nice to have packages already opened and ready to use. Same with wipes.
  • Have announcements ready for quick mail out.
  • Be prepared to stay in the house for the first few days. Not because you have to, but because you really don’t feel like going anywhere. Try to go grocery shopping just before the birth, so you have everything you need. Also, it is nice to type up a list of stuff that might run out fast so it is easy to send out a spouse or a family member for groceries.
  • If you want it is nice to make up some casseroles and freeze them ahead of time. So all you have to do is just pull them out let them thaw and bake. I like to assemble the casserole and freeze before you bake for the first time. So when you thaw and bake it is baking for the first time. I think it tastes fresher that way. Also, a casserole recipe that cooks in a 9x13 in pan can be made into two 8x8in foil cake pan sizes. That way one meal really makes two. It also cuts down on your cleaning. You just throw the pan away!

Things to have ready for Mom:

  • Nursing bra
  • 2 boxes of nursing pads
  • 1 tube of lanolin cream (This is a must for me as a newly nursing mom. It is kinda like Vaseline, but much better. It helps sooth soreness and helps things heal faster. You can usually find it in the baby section by the bottle and pacifier stuff. Usually by the nursing pads.)
  • Lots and lots of maxi pads. (Most new moms don’t really think about all the bleeding that happens after and you need to be prepared because a package goes very fast. I always forget and end up running out to the store the day after I am home.)

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