Friday, November 5, 2010

service hearts...

Okay...I'll be honest...I would like to think that Valentines Day is a HUGE deal for the Mr. and I, but it really isn't. I remember our first year of marriage. We were overwhelmed at all of the holidays that you celebrate with gifts and fuss. It seemed like every other month we were on the hunt for the perfect thoughtful gift. It was ridiculous!! So we decided to strip the way we celebrated way WAY down. Most things we celebrate by going out to dinner or something else where we get to spend time together. Actually the only event we buy gifts for each other anymore is birthdays...and occasionally Mother's Day/Father's Day. (Thats right folks...not even Christmas!) I LOVE it this way! It takes the stress out of the holiday and we can just look forward to spending time together with out the pressure of finding the perfect gift!

Anyhoo...that was a long little my kids have gotten older it has been fun to add in little traditions for the holidays. Last year I made some "I love you" hearts. Each person in our family was given 5 hearts the week leading up to Valentines Day. I explained that they were to find ways to serve in our home and then leave a heart behind. It was so fun to watch their excitement at being "sneaky"while looking for something kind to do. I found my bed made with a heart on my pillow or the loft clean with a heart on the couch. It was just so fun!! It quickly became apparent that this HAD to be added as a yearly tradition in our home!

1 pkg 6 inch foam hearts
a pen

Seriously folks all I did was buy a package of pre cut foam hearts at Wal-Mart and I wrote the words "I Love You" on each one! Simple as that! I stash them in with my Valentines decorations and bring them out when I decorate!

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