Friday, November 5, 2010

school papers...

I have loads and loads of papers that come home with my 3 children from school. They unload all of it onto my kitchen counter and I can’t stand it anymore. If I am not standing there watching WHAT comes out of WHOSE bag I end up walking around with random papers yelling, “Who brought this home? Does this belong to you? Do I need to sign this? When does this paper go back?” Some things go back the next day…some things not until Friday…with each kids teacher there is a different system…there are bag books, and sorting words, home work, and permission slips…yikes… I have tried creating a pile for each kid on the counter, but then the Mr. comes home from work with the mail and plops it down on top of my piles and…well…it is driving me crazy! Luckily I am surrounded by great crafty and talented friends. One such friend had a fabulous idea and I am totally going to copy her! She made a clipboard for each of her kids (and herself) for all of their stuff to be put on. She got a great shelf from IKEA and they just lean against the wall in her craft room. LOVE IT!! Not only are they super cute, but it keeps everything for each child organized & up and out of the way!


plain brown clipboards (I got mine for $ .99 from Wal-Mart. )

scrapbook cardstock to cover each one

modge podge

sponge brush

spray adhesive (optional…I used this, but you could use modgepodge)


sissors, papper cutter

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Step #1: Find a place for your project to live. I recently purchased a lovely peg board and I hung it in my laundry room. I plan on putting my finished clip boards on a shelf over the pegs.

Step #2: Gather your supplies. Make sure you have 2 -12x12 sheets of paper per clipboard. You don't need a ton of modge podge so if you have some you probably won't need to get more, but if you don't have any you won't need more than a little craft paint sized bottle.

Step #3: Take your paper for your first clip board. Cut it down so that it is a little larger than the clip board. Maybe like 1/8th of an inch hanging over. Don't worry about cutting it too straight because we will sand it off later. Next cut 2 notches in the top of your paper so that you can slide it past the bolt thingys. Slide the paper under the silver clip making sure you line up the notches in your paper with the 2 bolt things. Now this was a little harder than I pictured. I had to use a butter knife to slip under the silver clip to lift it up a little. It took a little elbow grease, but I was able to slip the paper under. I wasn't able to get my paper all the way to the top...thats okay...just get it as close as you can. Be careful not to rip your paper in all your elbow greaseiness!

Step #4: A 12x12 paper isn't quite long enough to cover the board so use some extra paper at the bottom. Cut any additional decorative paper for your clip boards. I used some coordinating paper at the bottom of each of mine. Get can decorate them however you want.

Step #5: Next step is to glue your paper onto your boards. I used a spray adhesive out on my back porch. It goes on really even, but is a little can also use modge podge too. I had already slipped my paper under the clips...and I wasn't about to pull them out, so I just lifted the paper up and sprayed underneath. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the glue to dry.

Step #6: Use your sandpaper to sand off the edges of the paper. This was so cool! It totally makes a crisp, straight line. It was a little tough sanding through the layered paper at the bottoms of my boards...just took some of that elbow grease I talked about earlier. Who knew we would also be working out!

Step #7 & #8: I used some ink pads to antique the edges of each board. This step is optional, but I think it looks cute and adds a finished touch!

Step #9: It's time to modge podge! I placed grocery bags under each board so that I wouldn't get the podge onto my counter. Completely cover the front and sides of each board. If you used paper instead of card stock the chances of it bubbling go up. If it does bubble...don't worry it looks worse when wet than it does when it's dry! Let each board completely dry.

Thats it folks! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!

I bought a long black Ribba shelf in IKEA's frame department and voilà instant organization!


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  2. Where do you store all the backpacks and coats? Our laundry room is so small that we can't fit everything in there. Any ideas?

  3. I use the peal and stick hooks on the inside of my coat closet door for jackets. That helps cut down on stuff hanging in my laundry room!